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Neon - Bootstrap Admin Theme

Neon - Bootstrap Admin Theme Features

Xenon – is a lightweight responsive admin theme built with Bootstrap and contains plenty of UI components, layout variants and theme skins which make a total of 136 HTML files.

Our first admin theme Neon was proof of success and its amongst 13 most popular admin themes ever on ThemeForest, but Xenon takes it to the next level of admin themes with good organization of files, clean coding and easy expanding.

Its built with LESS preprocessor of CSS which allows you to create your very personal version of Xenon by including only the components you need in one file.

Additionally, Xenon is now included in famous MVC (Model View Controller) JavaScript framework called AngularJS, for all of them who want to bootstrap their projects with the ready to use services, controllers, routes and other components. It loads faster and every request is processed with AJAX.

Now you can buy Extended License of Xenon with 33% discount, this is cheapest price you can find on the Admin category of Themeforest!

If you have already purchased Xenon
Those who want the full commits changelog (Git repository), please email us we will invite to see the commits between v1.2.1 to v1.3
Xenon is built on AngularJS v1.2.26 and we don’t plan to support latest version of AngularJS for the moment